JST Teams Up with Codal to Modernize Debt Collection in the Legal Industry

JST is proud to announce a new partnership with Codal, a digital solutions partner with a data-driven approach.

For the past decade, Codal has been digitally transforming law firms using cutting-edge technologies and data-backed strategies. And since 1987, JST has been helping law firms solve debt collection bottlenecks and increase operational efficiency.

JST is excited to create the next generation of innovative solutions for the receivables industry. Working with Codal, we plan to offer tools to streamline workflows, serve diverse user types, support integration with industry vendor APIs, maintain powerful data security, and so much more.

Now, the two enterprises are joining forces to reimagine the CollectMax legacy system, with the mission of optimizing user experience and enhancing platform security. JST is enthusiastic to be working with Codal to develop the soon to be released Accis product and uncover new opportunities for innovating legal debt collection systems. Given recent advancements in cloud security and the wide-ranging requirements of JST’s client base, end users will have the freedom to choose between a cloud or self-hosted solution.

“In partnering with Codal, we are leveraging the most modern tools and software development methodologies to provide a platform with unprecedented flexibility, security and scalability.  While this technology certainly sets it apart, the truly differentiating factor for Accis is that it is being created under the guidance of end users and industry experts.  This has allowed us to build exceptional solutions for every day users and to meet the complex needs of their vendors and clients thru data access and interface requirements.  Accis represents an extraordinary leap in technology for this industry,” said Rodney T. Grill, JST’s Product Manager.

Stay tuned to experience the groundbreaking results of this new partnership!


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