Announcing JST Essentials with SmartData and InSights

JST Essentials is an ongoing evolution of additional features and functionality that will enhance the CollectMax™ experience. JST Essentials is a suite of products and services that will expand over time. The JST Essentials line up includes:


JST SmartData is a secondary MS-SQL data set that is updated incrementally so building it daily will be quick and easy. JST SmartData can be read and queried by the customer to use for reporting and other data needs outside of CollectMax™. It also will be the foundation for JST InSights and IDAP integration. The JST SmartData includes options to build the full SmartData set or a limited set of data for JST InSights or IDAP integration.

JST SmartData requires that the customer have an MS-SQL license 2016 and higher. MS-SQL is supported on Windows 8 and later operating systems. Depending on the data set size, a free MS-SQL Express license may be satisfactory. The MS-SQL license should be installed on a separate server from the ADS server license as it could impact processing speeds.


JST InSights is a series of web based visual dashboards and data analytics designed using Microsoft’s Power BI experience. JST has partnered with Provana to offer these interactive visualizations to our customers to better manage their collections practice. Both JST InSights and IDAP integration require that the customer enter into an agreement with Provana.

JST Essentials is available to CollectMax customers with a current support contract. Please contact to learn more.

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