Provana Offers IConnect247 ‘Lite’ for Live Chat and Call Back Options

The COVID crisis has created challenges that may impact your ability to operate efficiently and effectively.

We want to help you leverage technology to keep your business running as smoothly as possible by sharing options offered by industry vendors.

It is challenging having staff and agents scattered remotely dealing with inbound calls. With IConnect247 ‘Lite’, an offering by our partner Provana, you can easily offer live chat and request call back options to your consumers using your existing website. Even better – Provana can get this up and running in 3 days with the first month at no charge.

What is IConnect247 ‘Lite’?
IConnect247 ‘Lite’ is a mini version of IConnect247 with options limited to the live chat and request call back page to make sure firms are able to create additional avenues to manage their inbound call/consumer contact volume so as to never miss an opportunity to connect with consumers in this situation, thus increasing chances of collection. IConnect247 Lite includes a Mobile and Web App.

The full version of IConnect247 also offers a digital self-service experience optimized to accept payments anytime/anywhere, exchange of documents, email, and more.

IConnect247 users have seen 40-50 chat requests come in each day along with as many as 15-20 call back requests, with an individual agent attending up to 20 chats along with answering inbound calls.

Want to learn more? Request a Consultation, Book a Meeting or call at 847.350.9909.

JST is committed to doing our part to help the industry navigate this unprecedented situation. Please email JST Sales if we can help you as you make changes in your business to accommodate these times.

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