HealPay Offers Free Access to Portal Lite and IVR for 90 Days

We know you may be facing some challenges given the current health events and understand it may impact your ability to operate efficiently and effectively.

Our clients are able to leverage technology to keep business running as smoothly as possible and we want to make you aware of some options.

Our partner, HealPay, is offering free 90-day access to both its online payment and phone software for businesses who’ve had to unexpectedly reduce overhead and work remotely. Both solutions are agentless/self-service, require no additional hardware, and are compliant with the FDCPA and other industry regulations.

We’re committed to doing our part to help the industry and the nation navigate this unprecedented situation. Please visit healpay.com/trial to learn more, schedule a demo, or get set up today. If JST can be of further assistance, please email JST Sales.

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