MaxSecurity to the Rescue

MaxSecurity for CollectMax™

MaxSecurity consists of a suite of features that will assist your firm with meeting
compliance and client audit requests.

Are you receiving requests from clients asking that you monitor and report on access to consumer accounts within your system?

Are you having to restrict viewing of certain clients' accounts to specific users?

Do you need to "lock" certain accounts to prevent non-supervisor access?

Do you need to limit opening of images on your system to select users?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, take a close look at the MaxSecurity module for CollectMax™.

  • Provides tools to track access to consumer accounts and adds additional safeguards against producing hard copies of the debtor account data.
  • Tracks every user who views an account even if they are simply navigating.Accounts can be set as "locked" by a system supervisor. Only a Supervisor can "unlock" an account.
  • Opening of an account can be limited to selected clients by user code.
  • Includes image security for those using the Document Management/Imaging. Image viewing can be restricted for selected users by image type or by account type.

MaxSecurity requires CollectMax version 8.

Intrigued? Contact JST Sales for more details.

MaxSecurity Whitepaper

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