CollectMax Version 9 Announced at NCBA Fall Conference in Nashville, TN

October 2018 – In the thick of the honky tonks on Broadway and the music icons showcased in the Country Music Hall of Fame, JST announced the release of CollectMax Version 9 at the Fall NCBA Conference in Nashville, TN this month. Many features were previewed during their user meeting held during the conference. Customers at the meeting were excited about the new features and will soon start benefiting from the new capabilities in their offices. A formal announcement was sent out last week to all customers.

CollectMax Version 9 contains robust features such as the ability to track trends such as collections results, inventory, and productivity. Results can be compared to prior time frames and goals can be incorporated as well. Another power packed feature, Drafts, allows users to create a merge documents as a ‘draft’, mask personal data as needed, and finalize the document when the review has been completed. E-signing capabilities are available via Adobe as well.

Contact JST Sales to learn more about this new version and how CollectMax can assist your team.


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