PaymentVision® Launches Web-Based Debt Negotiation & Resolution Tool

PaymentVision, one of our vendor partners, has recently announced a new tool called Resolve My Bill to assist with online debt negotiation and account resolution. Read their press release below for more details. If you are interested in the interface we offer to work along with their services, please contact the JST Sales team.

January 10, 2019 – By enhancing the convenience and flexibility of communication between consumers and collectors, PaymentVision’s new tool aims to improve liquidation rates and customer satisfaction. Jacksonville, FL – PaymentVision®, a leading provider of electronic payment gateway technology and solutions, recently added an improved online debt negotiation and resolution platform to its suite of services. The new Resolve my Bill(SM) tool exposes a web site to facilitate debtors negotiating financial obligations to receivables firms such as collection agencies and law firms, on mutually agreeable terms, based on treatment parameters specified by the agency. Resolve My Bill(SM) works by opening and moderating an automated dialogue between debtors and creditors over a secure web session. Debtors can explore agency-offered payment options and negotiate payment terms and timing details that have been pre-approved by the agency. According to PaymentVision®, initial tests of the Resolve My Bill(SM) platform generated an average 20% increase in resolution rates over 68%. “Today’s millennial debtors are more averse to talking on the phone, and our newly launched system lets an agency scale without adding headcount.” said, Robert Pollin, CEO of PaymentVision®. The debtor-facing Resolve My Bill web site is customized for each agency and is open 24 hours. And since collectors don’t interact with debtors, compliance concerns are greatly reduced as the risk of collectors not following the approved script no longer applies. “It’s a win-win solution,” continued Pollin. “Resolve My Bill(SM) makes the collection process more convenient and less stressful for debtors, and also more successful for agencies.” Resolve my Bill(SM) is a TCPA and FDCPA compliant solution. For more information and pricing, contact PaymentVision.

About PaymentVision®
PaymentVision is a biller-direct, PCI-compliant, electronic payment gateway provider. PaymentVision offers clients the unified ability to accept ACH, check, and credit or debit card payments via phone or web-based mediums. PaymentVision solutions handle billions of dollars
for thousands of financial institutions large and small nationwide, including credit unions, banks, consumer finance, and collection agencies.

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