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Stephen Bruce, Esq., Stephen Bruce & Associates, Edmond, OK

"The word that comes to mind when I think about our relationship with JST is teamwork. JST has always shown that they're interested in the results that we get from using them. When we tell them about things that we might visualize or need in the future, they make an effort to try to provide those kinds of things to us so that we can be more efficient at what we do. "

Randolph, Boyd, Cherry and Vaughan, Richmond, VA

"The features of the JST CollectMax program are ideal for our needs, easily tracking collection efforts, recoveries, and distributions."

Christopher Henriques, Vice President of Operations, Hunt & Henriques, San Jose, CA

"The product provides a good value, provides a lot of flexibility, and it has met all of our client requirements."

Beverly McComas, Office Administator, Naderpour & Associates, Hollywood, FL

"It enhances the practice tremendously in the area of reporting. We're inundated with audits and reporting requirements. There's one feature that I have just learned to use, MaxExtract. I've been learning how to install templates and things I never thought I could do. With a very simple Help menu, it's taught me to be able to extract the data I need, as opposed to just running a standard formatted report. That way I can tailor it to what our clients need for audit purposes."